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These days, the trend of keeping hand sanitizers got pace because of the Pandemic. There are many uses of Hand sanitizers.

Cool and cool hand sanitizers are widely used sanitizers in fighting against all types of bacteria and germs.

Cool and Cool hand sanitizers are used by almost every age of people. Children carry it with them while going to school, picnic, and playing to sanitize their hands easily. Adult people also take it with them in the way of office and other places so that their hands remained clean and sanitize all the time.

Cool and cool hand sanitizers are easy to use as it is available in small sizes which a person can easily carry to his pocket and small purse.

The major ingredient that is being used in making hand sanitizers is alcohol.  Rubbing alcohol helps in killing the germs. Some hand sanitizers have got aloe vera gel that makes your skin smooth and better.

  • Cool & Cool hand sanitizers should be kept away from minors.
  • Do not use it on the eyes or face. As it has got alcohol, it can be very harmful to the eyes. Wash your eyes immediately with water if it is used on the eyes.
  • If the hand sanitizer is ingested, go to the doctor immediately.

Hand sanitizers come with benefits, and it has also got some side effects. These side effects are discussed below

Can make anti-biotic resistance

Using hand sanitizers can lower down the resistance to diseases. It can happen because hand sanitizers can kill bad bacteria and good bacteria as well, which can be harmful to your skin.

Poisoning through alcohol

Hand sanitizers have got alcohol that helps in killing germs because it acts like anti-microbial. If someone has ingested alcohol, it might be very harmful to him.

Skin Irritation

Excessive use of any hand sanitizers can harm your skin because it has got a high amount of rubbing alcohol. It can irritate your skin.

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