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Dettol hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs on your hand.

It is the easiest and quickest way of cleaning the hands and killing the germs. It is recommended by most doctors and it plays a very effective role in killing the germs. Dettol hand sanitizer gives on the go protection.

This Hand sanitizer by Dettol is Rinse-free and non-sticky. Dettol hand sanitizer makes your hand refresh. You can use Dettol Hand Sanitizer as many times as it is required.

These are the precautions that you should take before using Dettol Hand Sanitizers.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are highly flammable and can cause damage if it is near to a fire.
  • Do not use it on the eyes. It can cause irritation in the eyes and things can get worst. Immediately wash your eyes with water.
  • Do not use it if it irritates your skin. Keep it away from the reach of children (Minors)
  • If it is ingested, immediately contact the nearest doctor. 

There are certain side effects of Dettol Hand Sanitizers. It really does not matter if it has alcohol inside it or not, but it can still cause some serious issues. The major side effects of Dettol hand Sanitizers are as follows

Risk of Eczema

Some skins are sensitive, so using it frequently can increase the risk of eczema which if gets worsen, contacts the nearby skin specialist immediately.

Irritation on Skin

Using it very frequently without any reason can cause very serious irritation on your skin as well as it has got alcohol.

Could cause skin disorder

Excessive usage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers for cleaning your hands' clean cause pathogens can indirectly increase the risk of having skin disorder.

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