Nutraxin Omega-3 2000MG 60's

Asra Derm

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Rs. 3000/Pack

Total: Rs. 3000
Use to Support A Healthy Immune System, As Well As The Cardiovascular System. It Supports Healthy Cognitive Function And Nerve Transmission As Well. It Is Also Suitable For Healthy Vision, Bones And Muscles Health, Metabolic Syndrome, Autoimmune Diseases And Menstrual Disorders.
You Should Not Use This Medicine If You Are Allergic To Omega-3.
Side Effects Of Omega-3 Supplements Are Usually Mild. They Include Unpleasant Taste, Bad Breath, Bad-Smelling Sweat, Headache, And Gastrointestinal Symptoms Such As Heartburn, Nausea, And Diarrhea. Several Large Studies Have Linked Higher Blood Levels Of Long-Chain Omega-3S With Higher Risks Of Prostate Cancer.
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